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James Larkin
Skin, Urology
Consultant Medical Oncologist FRCP PhD
Dr Larkin has both a private and an NHS practice at The Royal Marsden. He is a Consultant Medical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of melanoma and cancers of the kidney.
Dr Larkin took a first in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and undertook clinical training at Oxford University, qualifying in 1996. He underwent general medical training in London and in 2001 won a Medical Research Council Fellowship for a Clinician, carrying out laboratory research at the ICR which led to the award of a PhD. He completed specialist training at The Royal Marsden and was appointed a Consultant in 2008.
His research interests include the individualization of patient treatment in kidney cancer and melanoma and the use of novel targeted therapies and immunotherapies to treat these diseases.
He has been UK and Global Chief Investigator for a number of clinical trials in melanoma and kidney cancer many leading to the approval of new drugs for the treatment of advanced disease. He has been awarded research grants from bodies including Cancer Research UK The Wellcome Trust and the European Framework Programme 7. He is a member of the NCRI Melanoma Clinical Studies Group and a past Chair of the NCRI Renal Cancer Clinical Studies Group. He is the NIHR National Specialty Lead for Early Phase Oncology Trials Vice Chair of the Cancer Research UK ClinicaI Research Committee and a past Chair of The Royal Marsden/ICR Committee for Clinical Research.
  • Melanoma
  • Kidney cancer
  • Novel therapies for melanoma and kidney cancer
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