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MIAO Xiaohui
Infectious Disease
Chief Medical Officer, Circle Harmony Health Limited
Prof Miao has been practicing, teaching and doing scientific researches for 35 years. He held the position as the deputy director of hospital business in Changzheng Hospital and has been engaged in the management of healthcare organizations for 20 years. As a clinical consultant for public health in Shanghai, he has made a great contribution in the prevention and control of state public health emergencies. He once led a medical team to diagnose and treat SARS patients in Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital. He also led a medical team to help in the earthquake relief work in Wenchuan, Sichuan.
  • Chief editor, Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases
  • Editorial board member, Chinese Medicine Journal
  • Editorial board member, Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine
  • Editorial board member, Chinese Journal of Hepatology
  • Associate chairperson, Internal Medicine branch of Shanghai Medical Association
  • Committee member, Internet Medicine branch of Shanghai Medical Association
  • Associate chairperson, Shanghai Association for Non-government Medical Institutions
  • Associate chairperson, Chinese Society of Infectious Diseases, Chinese Medical Association
  • Standing committee member, Shanghai Medical Association
  • Chairperson, Infectious Diseases branch of Shanghai Medical Association
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various acute and chronic liver diseases including all types of hepatitis
  • Medical treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Differential diagnoses and treatment of fever of unknown origin
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