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Xudong ZHAO
Clinical Psychology
Chief Physician, Clinical Psychology, M.D., Professor
Prof. Zhao is a doctor of medicine from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and a professor of psychiatry and psychology at Tongji University. He is the vice president of the World Association of Psychotherapy and vice president of the Asian Academy of Family Therapy. He has been working in psychiatry and clinical psychology since 1983. He is an advocate of humanistic psychiatry in China and an academic technology leader in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. He specializes in using German psychosomatic medicine and family psychotherapy, diagnosis and
treatment of children, adolescents and adults of various psychological problems, mental disorders. He has published more than 400 papers and more than 50 monographs and textbooks and won a number of provincial science and technology
awards and a variety of honors.
  • Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Tongji University
  • Deputy Director of Psychosomatic Medicine Branch, Chinese Medical Association
  • Deputy Director of Psychosomatic Medicine Professional Committee, Chinese Medical Doctor Association
  • Vice President of the World Association of Psychotherapy
  • Vice President of the Asian Academy of Family Therapy
  • psychotherapy and counseling
  • neurosis, psychosomatic diseases, mood disorders, such as: insomnia, depression, anxiety, fear, hypochondria, sexual disorder
  • family, marriage, management psychological problems

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