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Chief Physician, Professor
In 1992, Dr. Jiang was awarded master's supervisor by the degree committee of Shanghai Second Medical University. He led several master's students to conduct in-depth research on the principle of avascular necrosis of the femoral head, spinal tuberculosis, soft tissue lesions, patellar malacia and dynamic enhancement of MRI to distinguish primary osteosarcoma and peritumoral edema.
Dr. Jiang has worked in the field of clinical radiology for an extensive period of time. He has collected, collated and summarized a large number of data on abdominal and skeletal radiology diagnosis. He has published more than 30 papers in core journals such as Chinese Journal of radiology. In recent years, he has carried out in-depth research on bone and joint MRI, has also published many monographs. He was granted the first prize of excellent science and technology book of the 13th East China Science and Technology Press.
  • Consultant, Shanghai Radiology Society
  • Consultant, Bone Section, National College of Radiology
  • Member of High Evaluation Committee, Shanghai Radiology Group
  • Member of Medical Accident Expert Group, Shanghai Medical Association
  • Member of the Expert Committee for National Health Professional Technical Qualification Examination
  • Member of Gastric Cancer Committee, The Sixth China Anti-Cancer Association
  • Deputy Editor, Chinese Medical Computer Imaging
  • Reviewer, Hong Kong College of Radiology
  • femoral head
  • spinal tuberculosis
  • soft tissue lesions
  • patellar malacia
  • dynamic enhancement of MRI to distinguish primary osteosarcoma and peritumoral edema

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