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JianFen GU
Ultrasound Imaging
Circle Harmony
Associate Chief Physician
Dr. Gu graduated from the Medical Department of Nantong University in 1986 and obtained the associate chief physician certificate in 2001. She studied in the Department of Ultrasound and Cardiac Ultrasound in Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital and the Department of Ultrasound in Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital. Dr. Gu has rich experience in abdominal organs, heart, superficial organs, vascular ultrasound, gynecological ultrasound examination and diagnosis.

Dr. Gu joined Shanghai Circle Harmony Xinyong Clinic in July 2021 to provide professional, efficient and high-quality medical services to customers.
  • Training Physician in Ultrasound and Cardiac Ultrasound Department, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital
  • Training Physician in Ultrasound Department, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital
  • abdominal organs ultrasound examination and diagnosis
  • heart ultrasound examination and diagnosis
  • superficial organs ultrasound examination and diagnosis
  • vascular ultrasound
  • gynecological ultrasound examination and diagnosis

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