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Dr Lili Zeng
Shanghai Ruijin Hospital
PhD, Master’s Supervisor
Dr. Zeng worked as a foreign resident in the Timone Hospital of Marseille and the Neurology Hospital of Lyon in 1999 and 2005, and has obtained the training certificate of neurology specialist there.
In the field of clinical research, he has participated in a number of projects supported by Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, such as "Secondary Prevention of Stroke", "Basic Research on Stroke Genetics", and "Model of Stroke Unit Establishment". In the field of scientific research, his main focus is on stroke, and related emotional and cognitive disorders, on new biological markers in peripheral blood such as microRNAs and their molecular mechanisms.
In the past 5 years, he has published over 10 SCI papers, and has undertaken 6 scientific research projects as the project leader, received 1 second prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education.
  • Deputy Chief Physician of Neurology, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital
  • Secondary Prevention of Stroke
  • Basic Research on Stroke Genetics
  • Model of Stroke Unit Establishment

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