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Dr. Nick Losseff
University College London Hospitals
Consultant Neurologist
Dr.Nick Losseff is a general neurologist with a sub-specialist interest in stroke, brain
injury and neurorehabilitation. He has extensive experience in the management of stroke and brain injury across the pathway from hyperacute treatments to vocational rehabilitation. He have held several very senior medical leadership roles in the NHS,
such as Clinical Director for Neuroscience for NHS England (2013-2017), NHS London Clinical Director for Stroke (2009) and have achievement in health service
development at a major strategic level, his current leadership role is for Cleveland Clinic London in the field of international business and alliances with the public sector.
Dr. Losseff has previously developed techniques to measure atrophy of the brain and spinal cord in multiple sclerosis (MS), the technique provides insight into pathophysiological mechanisms of disability and still known as “The Losseff Method”.
He has received multiple awards including the Queen Square Prize in Neurology, The European Neurology Society Prize and the MS Grant holders meeting prize for this work.Dr. Losseff has 40 peer reviewed publications since 1993, with top
  • Medical Director for Strategic Alliances and
  • Global Patient Services
  • NHS England: London Clinical Director for Neuroscience
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at ULCH
  • stroke
  • braininjury and neurorehabilitation

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