Circle Harmony’s International Referral Service provides customers more cross-border medical consultation options. The process starts with international consultation by local and international experts, ensuring our customers to have real-time communications with their pre-determined expert before departure. While they are receiving consultation abroad, the local experts will provide second consulting opinions and real-time Q&As to the customers, annihilating the possible inconveniences brought by multi-language communications. Circle Harmony also provides international medical escort service per customers’ needs to ensure the continuity and professionalism of referral services. Their local experts will as well follow up the cases and continue treatments after the customer return from consultations and treatments abroad.

Our Strengths

Strong Clinical Network
Over 2,000 expert partners in UK and Europe with the clinical resource of our top-quality hospital partners provide extensive and diversified precision medicine for patients seeking international referral
Professional Full Guidance
The whole process from the first clinic visit, international consultation, visit to an overseas hospital through to follow-up and continued rehabilitation treatment after returning to China will be supervised and guided systematically by our experts at home and abroad
Premium Quality Service
Professional premium quality service is secured by our professional clinical team composed of expert committee, leading healthcare professionals from home and abroad, medical translators, secretary general of International Clinical Network, and Health Manager
Advanced Consultation Hardware
Patient will have the chance of “face-to-face” communication with the international healthcare professional on MDT consultation before travelling abroad
Dedicated Escort Service
Circle Harmony also provides international escort service to ensure the continuity and professionalism of patient referral services
Follow-up after Patient Returns
Our local expert will follow up the patient and continue their treatment including rehabilitation after the patient returns to China.

Appointment for International Referral

Appointment Consultation

The consultation could be requested by the customer or an authorized family member. Please fill in the online application form or contact our International Clinical Network team for appointment consultation. A consultation request of children customers must be applied by their parents or legal guardian of pediatric patients.
Once submitted your referral application, you will receive a confirming call from our team within one working day. Please note that for applying an overseas referral, we will need either a medical report (in English) or a doctor's letter first. We will assist in this by appointing you a local expert in charge of determining the feasibility and necessity of international referral and recommending a most suitable hospital or specialist overseas according to your condition.

Online Application Form
Contact International Clinical Network Team of Circle Harmony for appointment consultation
+86 21
Preparing Medical Data for Telemedical Consultation

Patient signs the informed consent and submits relevant medical data, which will be pooled and translated by Circle Harmony.

Telemedical Consultation at Circle Harmony

Local and overseas experts hold MDT analysis around customer’s condition on simulation teleconference system, develop diagnostic and treatment plan and provide comprehensive consultation report that is to be interpreted to the customer by the local expert. The customer’s families can choose to participate in the consultation.

Confirm International Referral and Its Schedule

The patient confirms the international referral and schedule according to the treatment plan and the corresponding quotation. Our International Clinical Network team will assist in matters of payments, appointments, overseas travel arrangements and accommodating recommendations. Tickets and accommodations booking services can also be provided per need.
Please ensure that the patient and any accompanying member obtain valid visa before entering the country for the convenience of overseas consultation.

Travelling Abroad for Medical Service

Circle Harmony provides interpreting services during the patient’s overseas consulting period, and documentary translating services of the medical records and reports after patient returns for the convenience of following-up treatments. During the overseas period, international medical escort services can be provided per customers’ needs.

Follow-up Visit after Returning

The local experts at Circle Harmony will assist overseas experts to follow up the patients’ cases when they return to China. The patients’ Health Caretaker will be in charge of developing following-up health management plans and rehabilitation plans.


What information do I need to provide in advance?
Circle Harmony will schedule the appointment with a most relevant local expert after evaluating the patient’s conditions once we receive a referral request. In order to reduce redundant examine time and to assist the recommendation, it’s very important that you provide us all available information about your conditions, eg, medical record, laboratory reports, radiological diagnosis report and discharge summary, etc.
Who will be my local doctor?
We have a network of leading experts in level A tertiary hospitals in China. You can select from a list of our experts or let us arrange an appropriate one according to the information you provide.
Who will be my international consultant?
We have a network of over 2,000 international Consultants, covering a range of specialties, allowing us to recommend among the most relevant experts according to your needs.
How long before I can get my treatment plan developed by experts overseas?
Local and overseas experts will develop treatment plans and make cost estimates based on your condition. This process will take up to two weeks since you confirm your appointment.
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Online Application Form for Referral

Please complete the following form and provide information as detailed as possible. Our team will contact you within one business day after you submit this form and recommend the most suitable local consultant candidate to provide professional clinical advice and guidance to you. In this process, you may also propose your preferred expert as your local doctor.

Your relationship with the patient
Your name
Your phone
Your email
Patient’s name
Patient’s date of birth
Patient’s home address
Disease or Department to visit
Purpose of consultation
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